Konstantin Maximov


Name Konstantin Maksimov
Father Aleksandr Nikolaevich Maksimov Russian ethnologist alive
Mother Ludmilla Petrov deceased
Spouse Stephanie Tolbert deceased
City of Birth Orel, Orlovskaya oblast
Date of Birth May 5th, 1898
Home city Paris, France
Current Occupation Russian Orthodox Priest and Pilot for ROCOR
Works for ROCOR, travels between New York and Paris for research purposes.
Height 6’5"
Slight build, muscular but soft
Occasionally walks with a slight limp even though there is no obvious injury
Black hair and brown eyes. Has a full black beard cut in the style of the church he serves
Wears a traditional blue vestment with a silver pectoral cross. The cross is inscribed with the words of 1st Timothy 4:12: “Be thou an example to the believers, in word, in conversation, in charity, in spirit, in faith, in purity.”


Konstantin delivered groceries to his village until his father was arrested and deported to Arkhangelsk Governorate. He took up with a Marxist group called the Astryrev circle when he was a student and got himself arrested in Moscow for inciting a peasant revolt. He was conscripted into the Russian army where it was discovered he had a great talent for piloting aircraft, quite by accident as he stole his first plane, an inferior Russian made Anata DS, a the age of 17. He was transferred to the newly formed Russian Army Air Service where he trained under Alexander Kozakov. His Spad VIII was responsible for no less than 15 kills in World War 2 before he engaged Hans Ritter von Adam, German ace.

The dogfight would last some 45 minutes, with each pilot doling out as much punishment as they received. In the end, the German pilot would ram his plane into the back of Konstantin’s, forcing him to ditch it in a lake below. The fight would claim the life of von Adam, and wound Konstantin. It forced him into the infirmary and caused him to fall into a deep depression.

While in the infirmary he met the woman that would become his wife, a French nurse named Stephanie Tolbert. He was discharged from the Army when the War ended, fit and able to fly but not to fight. Tragically, his wife would die in childbirth while delivering his stillborn son. Devestated, Konstantin abandoned his Marxist teachings and embraced the religion of his mother. In a few years he would take his own vows and became a priest of the Russian Orthodox Christian Church. This was where he met Jackson Elias. He helped Jackson with some of his research into the Knights Templar and their connection to the occult. Through his friendship with Jackson he has rediscovered his passion for discovery and learning about the deeper connection between the occult and modern religion. He would eventually flee Russian communist persecution and move to Paris, France, where he joined with an organization called the Russian Orthodox Church Outside Russia, ROCOR. His job as a priest and pilot keeps him travelling between Paris and New York, flying other priests out of the reach of the Bolsheviks.

Konstantin Maximov

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